Gaining Credibility

Gaining Credibility

In order to be successful you have to first be credible. Legitimacy and respect both in self and in the eyes of others comes from not only talking the talk but walking the walk. I know that phrase is cliché but really, how much advice would you want to take from another who doesn’t practice what they preach?

There is something cringe worthy when I see a trainer who doesn’t train themselves, a life coach that doesn’t have any of their own affairs in order or any manager that can’t manage themselves. The point being that many people talk about what they are capable of doing but rarely follow through on that talk. The response is two-fold. First is that others will ultimately view the individual as a fraud and even worse the person themselves will lose faith in their own abilities over time from seeing one failure after another.
A couple of suggestions to get out of this pattern are as follows:

1. Start by making small yet highly attainable goals to yourself and others. Small accomplishments will give you self- confidence and will show others that you do as you say.
2. Be honest to people on what you can create or produce. In business, I would much rather deal with a person who over-delivers on a promise as opposed to offering the world and coming up well short.

3.Get in the habit of prioritizing what you have already started before going on to start the next challenge.
Follow these simple steps and you will not only talk that talk and but walk the walk and will be more credible in the eyes of others but within yourself.

Ken Kunin – May 17th 2013

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