Why Revolution Fitness Why Train at Revolution Fitness?

The year is 2013 and even in the quiet Wynnum Manly area there are an endless amount of gyms and personal trainers available. Seems every month a new gym opens and there is word of another closing. Revolution Fitness has been serving the Bayside area for since 2003. We were the first facility in this area to really promote personal training and we continue to lead!

In December we moved our facility from Manly to Wynnum. As our client base expanded we needed to find a new home which was larger and could accommodate our growing needs. Our new facility is truly a world class training centre. Besides offering essentials like air conditioning and shower facilities, we have either purchased or developed new cutting edge equipment to compliment our already impressive array.

While we truly believe that doing something for your fitness is always a world better than doing nothing, we are completely amazed at the new craze of 24 hour gyms opening up that are mostly machine based. While machines are helpful for beginners, they should NEVER be the backbone of an intelligent training program. Free weight training will always trump machine based training because it increases balance, stability, coordination, athleticism, burns more calories and promotes the growth of more lean muscle mass. The reason that fast food type gyms offer only machine training is because they take little in the way of teaching and do not require staff to oversee clients using them.

The most important reason to train at Revolution Fitness is our staff. Our team is long standing and doesn’t change every month. We go to great lengths to hire trainers who will best help you reach your goals. Our trainers have years of experience, are fantastic communicators, terrific listeners and are ALWAYS reliable. We see our clients as our best form of advertising. When a client is healthy, fit and feeling great they help us generate business! We feel blessed to have so many long term clients who support us as we support them.

Walk through the doors here and you will feel our family environment. You will not feel like a name and number as you often feel at commercial franchised gyms. We have no contracts, no sign up fees and no gun to the head sales pressure. Our award winning service and real world experience is what truly sets us apart.

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